The two most common train accidents are derailment and collision.

The gradual improvement of rail technology has significantly reduced these risks, but has not done away with them completely.

Given the value of the fixed installations and rolling stock used by the railway, as well as the goods transported, it can be expensive to repair or replace them when they deteriorate.

To take into account the specificities of each claim, our experts specialising in mechanical engineering, transportation, accidentology and operational loss act alone or with a multi-disciplinary team to analyse the causes and calculate the consequences.


Loss adjuster

Based in Metz, I specialise in damages and public liability involving industry, public works equipment, and railway equipment. My passion for mechanics inspired me to choose a specialised engineering school. I'm curious about everything, and spent a few years renovating railways and railway equipment. This experience broadened my understanding of mechanics, in the context of heavy machinery.
Attentive and available, I handle broken machinery claims and investigate liability in the north-east of France.
I'm a big fan of mechanics, have a collection of unusual bicycles.

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Phone : +33 (0)6 24 35 86 24

Loss adjuster

With extensive experience in port handling (after-sales service for manufacturers, renovation of equipment, technical manager of a port terminal), I joined GM Consultant in 2015 as a loss adjuster for technical and industrial risks.
Specialising in port handling equipment, public works equipment, industrial facilities, and rotating machines, I examine situations from every angle to provide highly detailed analyses for cases ranging from machinery breakdowns to public liability.

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Phone : +33 (0)6 28 48 79 40


I'm passionate about cars and began my career in a dealership before turning to loss adjustment in 2001. I became a certified automotive expert in 2003 and for over 10 years I managed cases involving vehicle collision, professional liability, legal protection, farm machinery and bikes. Since 2012 I have also specialised in transported goods, railway incidents and broken machinery.
I joined GM Consultant in 2016 and work as an automotive and transported goods expert in North West France.
I have three children and live near Vannes where I restore vintage cars. I am also a water sports fan.