Multiple explosions of whipped cream dispensers


Over several years, a large number of incidents involving whipped cream dispensers for household use were reported, for several different models and brands. As a result of these incidents, several distributors and French importers launched recall campaigns.

The circumstances were similar in each case: the explosion occurred when the dispenser was being used and when it was being pressurized with the gas cartridges. The cause of the explosions was breakage in the plastic head, usually the thread, and not in the aluminium body of the dispenser.


GM Consultant loss adjusters were asked to manage, in project mode and for various parties, the negotiations relating to tangible damage, the monitoring of bodily injury cases and the analysis of the circumstances surrounding the incidents. In particular, they had to determine whether the dispensers were being used in accordance with the instructions.

For certain cases, operations to identify suppliers and opportunities for  recovery were initiated in China by our loss adjusters based in Asia. The loss adjusters confirmed that household use of the dispensers could result in dangerous levels of internal pressure.