Explosion of a cogeneration unit


Cogeneration technologies are well known ways of optimising energy yield and expenditure in industry.

A rare rose grower installed a cogeneration unit with a gas engine to provide electricity for the lights in its greenhouses during winter and to heat sanitary water.

Although the unit was covered under a maintenance contract with the installer, the gas engine exploded a few days after being worked on by a maintenance technician. While carrying out his work, the technician noticed that a bearing on a high-pressure pump was making noise, but made no effort to fix the issue or to warn of the potential risks.




GM Consultant loss adjusters determined the cause of the explosion jointly: a bearing in the high-pressure pump of the gas engine’s cooling system broke.

The appraisal investigations that took place in preparation for an appeal enabled the respective insurers representing the grower and the installer to come to an agreement, sharing the financial burden of the damages and compensation for the operational loss suffered by the grower.