In 2019, the group employs over 320 staff and continues to recruit new talents.

Laurent MAYET

After graduating from business school with a degree in econometrics, I developed my knowledge of the insurance field by working as an actuary, then expanded my financial acumen by participating in the management of bond funds in a private bank.
Driven by this dual experience and my entrepreneurial spirit, I founded GM Consultant in 1999. My current partners joined me soon thereafter, and so the story began.
I enjoy many extreme sports — I have a taste for challenge and a constant need to push myself. Treating my friends and colleagues helps me maintain my balance.

Philippe AZOULAY
Customer Relations Director

In 2000 I started at GM Consultant, where I was trained to perform damage surveys on equipment used in public works, handling and lifting. Over the years, I expanded my skill set to handle claims in public liability, construction, and the audiovisual field.
Now an Associate at the company, I deployed GM Consultant's French network by setting up regional offices. Based in Paris, I still take part in investigating complex claims, and I train new loss adjusters by developing their soft skills and showing them the ropes of the trade.
Curious and persevering by nature, I got a late start learning how to play the guitar.

Technical Director

After earning degrees in engineering and finance, I gained some experience in the field and joined GM Consultant in 2002. My interest in IT and solid knowledge of accounting as well as financial issues have made me an expert in these fields. In 2007, after becoming an associate with the group, I directed my focus on technical and industrial risks while continuing to handle financial cases.
Now Deputy Managing Director in charge of the Technical Department of GM Consultan, I am in charge of developing our loss adjusters' skills.
I run marathons in my spare time — I like to push myself both athletically and professionally.

Head of Communications

After earning a degree in business communication, I spent over 15 years working with flourishing B2B companies. I gained solid experience in managing projects involving the construction and promotion of brand image. Since 2015 I've served as GM Consultant's Director of External Communications, developing and implementing the Group's communication strategy to support its growth.
I'm passionate about music, and have played the piano since the age of 9. Music has helped me develop my creativity and attention to detail, which are both important to my work.

Chief Information Officer

After graduating with a degree in information system engineering, for three years I worked as a developer, trainer, and IT manager. I started in network administration when I joined GM Consultant in 2006. As the company grew, I expanded my scope of activities in IS, and handled a few damage surveys in parallel. I thus have a global view of the company.
Now the group's head of IT, I put users at the heart of my department's approach to provide optimised services. Freeride mountain biking, for me, is a sport that demands risk-taking and commitment, abilities that are crucial to my everyday work.

Head of Finance Department

From training in a business school specialized in corporate finance, I spent these 5 years as an apprentice in SMEs and large multinational groups. These multiple experiences have contributed to the optimization of my career path and thus gave me a training applied to operations but also focused on 100% BtoB dynamics. I then moved on to an operational management controller position. Since 2017 with GM Consultant, I have been nominated as Head of Finance Department. As persevering in my work as in my hobbies, I am a runner and runner up to 4,000 km per year.

Riccardo GRELLA
Italy Director, Global Head of Specie

Educated as an engineer, I began conducting pre-risk surveys and loss assessment in the fields of fine art, jewellery, cash in transit, and Specie in general in 1997. Based in Italy, I handled pre-risk surveys and loss assessment in Europe and Asia before being in charge of developing the Specie operations on these continents for a large international loss adjusting company. In 2015 I joined GM Consultant as Director of the Specie Division and Italy Director. My objective was to develop and promote this area of expertise and to define worldwide reporting standards for it.

Email :
Phone : +39 349 29 43 863

Timothée GRANGE
Partner and Managing Director Asia - Pacific

Trained in finance, risk management, crisis management, and competitive intelligence, I worked in China for four years to create and manage a company, then spent three years in France in risk management consulting.
After joining GM Consultant in 2012, I taught myself about damage surveying before moving to Hong Kong and creating the Asia-Pacific subsidiary. Specialising in financial, technical, and industrial risks, I enhanced my knowledge of IT risks by becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker.
An avid runner, I challenge myself on the track just as I do in my professional life.

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Phone : + 852 9683 1005

CEO GM Consultant Belgium

After graduating at the University of Ghent, Belgium, as MSc in Geology I started my career as an environmental consultant and worked on soil, groundwater and surface water contamination. After a few years, I became Head of the Soil Investigation Department. In 2008, I joined the Loss Adjusting industry at a global company and continued to specialise in environmental losses but also widening my scope towards claims related to Food and Feed Contamination, General Liability losses and Product Recalls. I joined GM Consultant in 2018, creating the Belgian branch. My hobbies include travelling and, for 2 years now, playing the drums.

Email :
Phone : +32 9 273 64 41