Increasing environmental regulation and the recent introduction of the Environmental Liability scheme (the polluter-payer principle) have brought about changes for manufacturers, who are now subject to new standards.

When pollution incidents occur, quick action and decision-making are imperative in order to limit environmental damage.  Our experts, specialists in soil, air and water pollution, can be quickly mobilised in France and abroad to support and advise companies and their insurers and, if necessary, communicate with government authorities.



Cyrille HERBIN
Loss adjuster

I am an engineer specialising in the environment and industrial site safety, and for ten years I provided advice and support to companies in these fields. I then worked as a prevention and safety specialist for a reinsurance company for five years.
Since 2015 I've been a loss adjuster for GM Consultant, specialising in broken machinery claims and public liability cases in the Toulouse area. Highly responsive, I handle each new case with an open mind, taking an objective, comprehensive view of the case in order to provide a quick, satisfactory solution.
I'm an avid golfer, and exercise the same self-control necessary to my job on the green.

Email : cyrille.herbin@gmconsultant.com
Phone : +33(0)6 28 48 79 32

Morgan PETIT
Loss adjuster

My fascination with the sea led me to studying chemistry and life sciences before becoming a doctor of oceanography. After several years in research, I joined the Environment and Life Sciences division at GM Consultant. I was trained in performing damage surveys by the Industrial Risks division. I assess public liability issues that are part of environmental and health claims. The same investigative spirit that drove my scientific research now drives my search for facts and evidence.
Through my passions for sailing, diving, and underwater photography, I explore the ocean from every angle, just as I do with my cases.

Email : morgan.petit@gmconsultant.com
Phone : +33 (0)6 33 52 94 71

GM Consultant Belgium Director - Loss Adjuster

After graduating at the University of Ghent, Belgium, as MSc in Geology I started my career as an environmental consultant and worked on soil, groundwater and surface water contamination. After a few years, I became Head of the Soil Investigation Department. In 2008, I joined the Loss Adjusting industry at a global company and continued to specialise in environmental losses but also widening my scope towards claims related to Food and Feed Contamination, General Liability losses and Product Recalls. I joined GMC in 2018, creating the Belgian branch. My hobbies include travelling and, for 2 years now, playing the drums.

Lic. Nr. Private Investigator 14.1893.11
Phone: +32(0)468.50.56.95
Mail: ruth.saeys@gmc-belgium.com

François BREUIL
Loss Adjuster

A geologist by training, I developed my knowledge of water treatment and industrial thermic engineering before discovering the field of loss adjusting. As the assistant managing director of a company specialising in industrial thermics and combustion, I was responsible for managing public liability and damage claims and the legal and contractual aspects of the company. I enjoy working on complex claims with high stakes. I joined GM Consultant in 2017 as a technical risk loss adjuster within the Industry and Consumer Goods division.
“Days shared between the known and the unknown” is a proverb that suits me perfectly.

Email: francois.breuil@gmconsultant.com
Phone: +33 6 63 99 67 00

Etienne TURCO
Loss adjuster

After earning an agri-food degree, I set my sights on process development and quality in the dairy product industry. To enhance my professional experience, I decided to move to the United Kingdom for six years, where I became relatively fluent in the language of Shakespeare. Upon returning to France, I became interested in damage surveys and began training in the transported goods sector, in the fields of land, rail and sea. I joined GM Consultant in 2018 as an industry loss adjuster, working in the fields of damage and public liability. I love history and landscapes and share my discoveries with my family.

Email: etienne.turco@gmconsultant.com
Phone number: +33 6 88 54 42 70