Environmental & Life sciences

Continuously updated and ever stricter, regulations are designed to prevent threats to human populations and the environment, such as pollution or poisoning from food or drugs. However, against a backdrop of an increasingly litigious society, they tend to amplify an incident’s consequences.

In parallel, technological developments enable companies to be monitored in an increasing number of ways. Society is also more sensitive to risks affecting image or reputation due to the increased application of precautions and the “polluter pays” principle.

The GM Consultant loss adjusters process over 100 Environmental & Life Sciences claims every year.

Claims categories

  • Accidental environmental damage
  • Environmental liability
  • Spill or accident when transporting waste
  • Bacterial contamination of food or drugs
  • Foreign bodies in foodstuffs
  • Non-compliant fertilizer or seeds


From damage survey to crisis management, the added value and innovative mindset of our loss adjusters :

  • Technical expertise to analyse what caused the incident.
  • Establishing the root causes and traceability of components under investigation.
  • Evaluating value of damages.
  • Accessibility to react as quickly as possible and contain the incident.
  • Informative to manage the crisis as well as possible.
  • Listening to get a perfect grasp of the policyholder’s activity, drawing on their own expertise.


The Environmental and Life Sciences Risks team is made up of four loss assessors: a specialist food industry lawyer, a wine industry expert, a specialist in classified facilities, and a doctor in marine microbiology and chemistry.