While protecting the planet’s resources is a key concern, the development of renewable energies and the rising importance of controlling energy costs bring with them new risks.

Financial constraints and tax breaks are encouraging property owners to invest in solar panels, farmers to use biogas in their generators, and industry to recover some of the energy it consumes. The complex technologies used expose manufacturers, fitters, and operators to a variety of incidents: water damage, fire, broken machinery or operating losses.

GM Consultant loss adjusters process more than 500 claims from the energy sector every year, forging a solid reputation amongst sector players.

Claims categories

  • Fire, electrical damage
  • Generator and motor breakdowns
  • Power cuts
  • Degradation of cables and pylons
  • Rupture d’alimentation électrique
  • Corrosion of steam or air-conditioning networks
  • Interruption of cold chain
  • Pressurised explosions


From damage survey to crisis management, the added value and innovative mindset of our experts :

  • Technical expertise to analyse what caused the incident.
  • Availability to avoid disrupting the policyholder’s business.
  • Responsiveness to get back to operational conditions as soon as possible.
  • Good interpersonal skills to ensure smooth relations between insurers, policyholders, and their clients.


GM Consultant employs a team of around ten loss assessors working on incidents involving electrical and thermal energy. They have proven track records with sector leaders.