Nuclear power has been one of the most regulated and monitored industries since its inception because, if an accident occurs, the consequences can be catastrophic. Incidents, although infrequent, often have major impacts on production capacity. Repair work is typically complex and must be performed within a very demanding regulatory framework.

When an incident occurs, all of the parties involved want to find the best solution in the least amount of time in order to restart production and resume business activities.

Our loss adjusters have a wide range of expertise in technical and regulatory areas, which enables them to effectively help companies and their insurers mitigate the consequences of an incident, acting in the best interests of each of the parties.


Loss adjuster

During my 27 years as an officer in the French Navy, I honed my ability to work in a team and learned technical skills about all the components of a warship, including nuclear reactors. A few years ago, when I got back to land, I put my knowledge of nuclear technology to use by working in engineering and engineering support.
I've been a loss adjuster at GM Consultant since 2013. I primarily handle claims in the field of energy production, but also get called in for all types of industrial activities, e.g., food, oil, automotive, etc.
I return to the sea, where I was taught rigor and feel most free, as often as I can.

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