Electronics Industry

Modern life is heavily dependent upon electricity, both as an energy source (our homes, factories, railways, telephony, radio, etc.) and as a technical means of controlling non-electrical equipment (vehicle thermal management systems, etc.). We are currently witnessing the development of the Internet of Things, with connected objects becoming increasingly common.

Electricity is a mysterious science for most people, who neither understand how it works nor the dangers associated with it. From the early days of electrical engineering up to the advent of electronics, the field has become more complex and branched out into a range of very distinct specialities. Electrical claims can be difficult for the uninitiated to comprehend.

Our loss adjusters are experts in all the aspects of electricity, from high-voltage transformer stations to the inner workings of electronic components. They are able to identify causes and risks, recommend provisional and corrective measures, and calculate associated costs.


Moying CHAP
Loss adjuster

I'm a mining engineer, and worked for a major French industrial company for 11 years. I was in charge of European and international IT projects, and also held positions in procurement and finance at one of the group's factories in China.
I started at GM Consultant in 2013, and joined the Hong Kong office a few months later. I work on industrial and IT investigations and participate in developing our Cybersecurity offering in the region. Curious by nature, I'm enjoying discovering my new city and the numerous hiking trails in the area.

Email: moying.chap@gmconsultant.com
Phone number: + 852 9687 6831

Loss adjuster - Technical Director of GM Consultant Group

After earning degrees in engineering and finance, I gained some experience in the field and joined GM Consultant in 2002. My interest in IT and solid knowledge of accounting as well as financial issues have made me an expert in these fields. In 2007, after becoming an associate with the group, I directed my focus on technical and industrial risks while continuing to handle financial cases.
Now Deputy Managing Director in charge of the Technical Department of GM Consultan, I am in charge of developing our loss adjusters' skills.
I run marathons in my spare time — I like to push myself both athletically and professionally.

Loss adjuster

An engineer by training, for 27 years I worked in the research, design, production, marketing, installation, and service of scientific instruments. Since 2012 I've worked as a loss adjuster for GM Consultant, where I conduct scientific investigations to find the origins of claims and to establish or rule out liability. I conduct rigorous investigations into the causes of industrial and scientific equipment malfunctions, calling on my knowledge of electronics, electronic engineering, physics, optics, lasers and mechanics, and also work on cases involving the energy sector. I also help investigate how fires are caused . I am keen on clockmaking and scale modelling, and attach particular interest in their R&D and restoration.

Email : pierre.monsallut@gmconsultant.com
Phone : +33 (0)6 26 13 41 53

Loss Adjuster

After two Master’s degrees in Law and Economic Law, I became immediately involved in claims and risk management. I quickly gained experience in various business sectors and the vast majority of insurance product lines. During my professional career, I have worked in a multinational environment and have gained extensive experience in insurance and intangible losses. In September 2018, I decided to join the Belgian teams of the GM Consultant appraisal firm, where I work on Public Liability as well as Damage claims. I enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Mail: bart.hertegonne@gmc-belgium.com
Phone number: +32 473 70 56 78