A piece of glass found in a wine bottle


Wine is one of the staple products exported from France to Japan. This wine is distributed by Japanese importers to shops and major Japanese department stores. In late 2014, as part of a large distributor’s promotional campaign for VIP customers, over 500 clients received a case of bottles.
One of these clients found a piece of glass in one of the bottles. Consequently, a recall campaign was carried out, and the French trader was implicated in the case.

Thanks to the responsiveness of the actors called in to intervene, the dispute went no further in terms of commercial impact.


In France, a GM Consultant loss adjuster specialising in industrial processes and viticulture led the damage survey, in an effort to find the point in the wine production chain where the piece of glass found its way into the bottle,
investigating the bottler and the wine producer.

In Japan, working closely with the trader’s local representative, our loss adjuster based in Asia was able to intervene on site. As such, a single approach to assessing the costs of the damage was agreed upon by all parties involved, from the importer to the distributor.