Ski areas

The growing popularisation of winter tourism has been the driving force behind the tremendous growth of ski resorts.

But with more tourists comes more risk for operators, both to their equipment, which is exposed to extreme weather conditions, and to their guests, who may fall victim to accidents or avalanches.

Our experts have the industry-specific knowledge needed to provide appropriate disaster response: regulations on cable transport and making slopes safe, knowledge of maintenance equipment, civil, geotechnical, mechanical, and electrical engineering of the ski lifts, and operational losses of ski resorts.


Loss adjuster

I studied mechanical engineering, and have spent my whole career doing insurance damage surveys. I joined GM Consultant in 2012. I have "EEA" (insurance loss assessor) certification as an general insurer as well as specialised certification in equipment and facilities. I work primarily in the départements of Isère, Savoie, and Haute-Savoie. I work on claims involving broken machines, public works equipment, machine tools, ski lifts and other equipment used in ski areas. I also handle public liability issues for businesses in the area.
I'm an amateur beekeeper, and I'm as careful and attentive with my bees as I am with my cases.

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Phone : +33 (0)6 76 10 82 14