Electrical distribution

Public and private electrical distribution networks, from the power plants to the consumption points, are the lifeblood of all modern human activities.

They comprise a system of conductors (overhead lines, underground wiring, etc.), substations situated at hubs of the network, or a tree structure of conductors, protection panels, and control panels.

Decentralisation of production centres has led to the creation of smart networks or “smart grids”. These electrical networks use computing technology to adjust the flow of electricity between suppliers and consumers.

A failure affecting one of the links in the distribution chain can have significant tangible and intangible impacts on consumers.

Our loss adjusters have backgrounds in electrical engineering, and have worked in the field of electrical distribution before specialising in performing damage surveys.

They fully understand the consequences a power outage can have on business activities.


Loss adjuster

I worked in electrical engineering and process optimisation with an industrial group for 20 years, then created an engineering company specialised in industrial processes and safety before becoming a loss adjuster in 2006.
Since 2013 I have been with GM Consultant, where I carry out damage surveys of industrial sites that have suffered extensive damages. I respond to each crisis by proposing effective solutions to help quickly restart operations and limit damages.
In my free time, I enjoy swing dancing.

Email : herve.meynier@gmconsultant.com
Phone : +33 (0)7 89 48 15 27

Laurent LLUCH
Loss adjuster

After spending nearly 20 years working on high-tech industrial construction projects, both in design and in execution, I have a broad knowledge of all related building trades.
My familiarity with this field, along with my specialisation in mechanics and electric components of industrial sites, is indispensable to handling public liability claims. I am also responsible for claims in the energy sector. My long-time passion for competitive spearfishing has helped me develop skills that are useful to managing my claims: persistence and stress management.

Email : laurent.lluch@gmconsultant.com
Phone : +33 (0)6 48 78 48 62

Matthieu GARDEY
Loss adjuster

After graduating with an engineering degree, I began my career performing damage surveys, as well as project management and management works in the fields of energy and transport for nearly 20 years.
Returning to damage surveys with GM Consultant in 2014, I take a pragmatic approach to handling public liability cases in the industrial, construction, and energy fields, particularly when the management of a project is called into question. I also appraise damages covered under Contractors' All Risks insurance policies.
As a long-time rower, I've learned to persevere both on the water and when handling my cases.

Email : matthieu.gardey@gmconsultant.com
Phone : +33 (0)6 45 87 87 54

Moying CHAP
Loss adjuster

I'm a mining engineer, and worked for a major French industrial company for 11 years. I was in charge of European and international IT projects, and also held positions in procurement and finance at one of the group's factories in China.
I started at GM Consultant in 2013, and joined the Hong Kong office a few months later. I work on industrial and IT investigations and participate in developing our Cybersecurity offering in the region. Curious by nature, I'm enjoying discovering my new city and the numerous hiking trails in the area.

Email: moying.chap@gmconsultant.com
Phone number: + 852 9687 6831

Nicolas ARNAUD
Loss adjuster

After five years as a technical inspector in the electrical and lifting sectors, in 2010 I began working as an insurance expert specialising in electricity and electronic engineering.
I'm constantly on the lookout for technical and scientific advances, and like to stay up to date on legal changes by reading specialised journals on a daily basis. This expertise enables me to advise insurers on managing claims for industrial and professional clients. I am particularly interested in renewable energies, and handle electrical damage claims with integrity.
I'm the drummer in a rock band, and the electrical expert at concerts.

Email: nicolas.arnaud@gmconsultant.com

Loss adjuster

An engineer by training, for 27 years I worked in the research, design, production, marketing, installation, and service of scientific instruments. Since 2012 I've worked as a loss adjuster for GM Consultant, where I conduct scientific investigations to find the origins of claims and to establish or rule out liability. I conduct rigorous investigations into the causes of industrial and scientific equipment malfunctions, calling on my knowledge of electronics, electronic engineering, physics, optics, lasers and mechanics, and also work on cases involving the energy sector. I also help investigate how fires are caused . I am keen on clockmaking and scale modelling, and attach particular interest in their R&D and restoration.

Email : pierre.monsallut@gmconsultant.com
Phone : +33 (0)6 26 13 41 53

Loss Adjuster

As an loss adjuster for almost 17 years, I've been in charge of corporate civil liability, commercial liability and multi-risk home insurance policies. I joined GM Consultant group in 2017 as part of the Construction division, where I am in charge of claims handling for multi-risk construction, machinery breakdowns and civil liability policies. Of a natural polyvalent nature, my field of experience allows me to operate with small and medium sized businesses, local shops, as well as in the building sector. As a sports enthusiast and lover of wide open spaces, I enjoy my free time to improve my swing during golf rounds.

Phone number: +33 7 88 66 37 61

Loss Adjuster - Automotive

Having graduated from an engineering school, I worked for a leading construction and public works company for more than 10 years on various nuclear sites, business and civil works as well as housing construction, both in terms of engineering studies and site supervision. Driven by the desire to take on new challenges, I took over technical management of a family-operated agricultural equipment dealer. In 2017, I joined GM Consultant as a Loss Adjuster to build on the many skills I acquired in my previous work. Naturally calm, curious and meticulous, I take a benevolent approach to managing cases in the field of technical risks for agricultural equipment, public works, industry and construction industry technical trades.

Email: richard.vandenberghe@gmconsultant.com
Phone number: +33 (0)6 89 21 87 35

Loss Adjuster

As a maintenance supervisor in an international agri-food business, I was particularly interested in the technological evolution of machines. Afterwards, I joined a supervisory body where I worked for 10 years as a specialist in machine compliance and infrared thermography. In 2018, I joined GM Consultant as a loss adjuster, specialising in industrial technical risks and construction and lifting machinery. I’m independent and curious, and I rely on active listening and determination when handling my cases. I’m also a two-wheeled addict and challenge seeker. I enjoy going for a leisurely motorcycle ride as much as participating in cycling club competitions.

Email: frederic.forticaux@gmconsultant.com
Phone number: +33 (0)6 24 59 37 12