Diane Maccury, loss adjuster and passionate lover of art

Diane Maccury our Species loss adjuster shared her passion for art with GM Consultant to the point that the board was convinced to entrust her with the development of the activity in France while continuing to perfect her skills in this subject. Portrait.

Diane has been in charge of loss adjusting and commercial development of the Species branch, with various responsibilities and certifications.

A legal practitioner by training, she refined her knowledge through an experience at Drouot and her studies as scientific expert at ASSAS. “I spent much time in auction houses studying every piece of art. A marble plate on a dresser, the composition of wood furniture or even a bronze, each piece of art has a story to tell and it is up to us to find it through the meticulous analysis of every detail”. Encouraged by GM Consultant to reinforce her skills, our loss adjuster also went back to college to study scientific techniques applicable to works of art.

According to the type of artwork and to what we are looking for, our work will be different, much more focused on pigments or the signature for instance” she explains.  Diane enjoys her work as loss adjuster by discovering the story of a piece through the years and all over the world.

I remember spending an entire year on the case of a damaged sculpture in a university. It had been estimated as non-repairable and without provenance, and I had to look into all invoices and documents to trace its origin, that went back to the 1950s. This was a happy end as we were also able to repair the work of art, that finally found its place in history”. The Species division is developing more and more and a new talented recruit has just joined Diane.