Malfunction with a laser-cutting unit


To carry out its operations, a company specialising in sheet metal subcontracting work used a 4000-W laser-cutting unit.
The operator observed a malfunction in the unit, for which there was no apparent reason.


A manufacturer’s representative was contacted right away to provide an initial diagnosis. A GM Consultant loss adjuster visited the company the next day to make observations while the repairs were carried out.
This initial response made it possible to identify a leak in the resonator’s cooling circuit, which had caused the malfunction observed by the operator.

So that operations could be resumed, several calls for tenders were launched; within just a few days, the decision was made to replace the entire defective sub-assembly. The sub-assembly was sealed and returned to the manufacturer in Germany, where the GM Consultant arranged for the unit to be disassembled in the presence of the manufacturer. The origin of the leak was thus identified.

Subsequent investigations released the manufacturer from any liability and revealed negligence in the maintenance carried out on the laser-cutting unit.