Cyber security

Information systems are exposed to various forms of malicious computer activity that are constantly evolving.  Faced with new kinds of threats, companies are obligated to secure their data and architectures.

Despite greater vigilance and heightened security measures, hackers consistently find new loopholes. Moreover, no system can be completely secured due to the interconnection of different networks and information systems.

It is therefore very important for companies to be prepared, with resources that can be called upon quickly in the event of an incident.

Our loss adjusters have a great deal of experience handling emergency situations, and can be mobilised at a moment’s notice to help hacked companies manage their respective crises.



Partner Loss adjuster - Manager

I started my career working as a consultant at an IT services company specialising in Business Intelligence, then spent many years training employees on how to use various types of software, including software used in project management. In 2011, I joined GM Consultant as an IT loss adjuster specialising in IT project failures.
Since 2014 I've been in charge of the New Technologies and IT Security division, where I use my interpersonal skills to help my team handle everyday challenges and continue my work as a loss adjuster.
I appreciate the simple pleasures in life, and balance out my hectic work life with a peaceful family life.

Email :
Phone : +33 (0)6 77 99 62 03

Timothée GRANGE
Loss adjuster - Asia Pacific Director

Trained in finance, risk management, crisis management, and competitive intelligence, I worked in China for four years to create and manage a company, then spent three years in France in risk management consulting.
After joining GM Consultant in 2012, I taught myself about damage surveying before moving to Hong Kong and creating the Asia-Pacific subsidiary. Specialising in financial, technical, and industrial risks, I enhanced my knowledge of IT risks by becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker.
An avid runner, I challenge myself on the track just as I do in my professional life.

Jean Jacques MEGE
Loss Adjuster

I worked for 7 years as a project manager then project director for software companies. I managed many roll-outs for key accounts, in France and in Italy. These experiences allowed me to learn how to manage complex projects.
I then joined a real estate multinational corporation for whom I led projects involving multiple subcontractors at European level in various domains: Management, Finance, CRM and Geographic Information Systems.
Since 2017, I put my experience at the service of loss adjusters specialized in IT and cyber risk at GM Consultant. Curious by nature, I prefer travelling, taking pictures, the Côtes du Rhône and La Réunion.


Adrien PETIT
Loss Adjuster

Upon returning to France, after spending 3 years in Singapore working as a cybercrime analyst, I decided to specialise in the intelligence and anticipation of cyber threats.
As a project manager working for a strategic intelligence consulting firm, I created and managed the “Cyber Threat Intelligence” department. Bolstered by this experience, in 2017 I joined INQUEST, a subsidiary of the GM Consultant Group, to help develop its risk management activities in the field of cybercrime and information security.
My appetite for challenge and my passion for travel regularly inspire me to go trekking in Asia.

Phone: +33 (0)6 66 72 39 75

Sylvain DUPUIS
Loss Adjuster

With a master’s degree in Business Law, I completed a number of internships with law various firms before embarking on new experiences abroad. As a manager working in New Zealand, I worked on crisis management issues for more than a year. I then returned to France so that I could combine my passion for IT and new technologies with my training. I joined the NTIC division of the GM Consultant Group in 2017 as a loss adjuster responsible for damage claims relating to IT equipment, drones and loss of data.

Naturally curious and determined, I like to climb mountains and explore the bottom of the sea.

Phone: +33 (0)6 33 99 00 76

Thibault CARRE
Cybersecurity Development Manager

Having graduated from an engineering university majoring in information systems, I began my professional career at a leading IAM (Identity and Access Management) consultancy firm. My assignments focused on the examination of digital risks, from the analysis of the operating model’s structure to the incorporation of the technical solution. I subsequently became a Cyber Risk & Security consultant. In November 2017, I joined INQUEST, a subsidiary of the GM Consultant Group, taking on the role of Cybersecurity Development Manager. My main task is to assist small businesses and SMEs by proposing preventive measures and the solutions for supervising cyber risks. Besides computing, I also enjoy photography.

Phone: +33 (0)6 33 99 00 78

Thomas BIROT
Loss adjuster

With both IT and management expertise, I began my career at one of the world's leading HR services providers. I pursued consulting in Human Resources Information System Management (HRISM). Thanks to this experience, I have developed transverse skills in the world of IT, particularly in understanding organisations. The diversity of tasks and wide range of subjects are the driving forces behind my professional life, hence my decision to become a loss adjuster. In 2018, I joined the GM Consultant group’s NICT team. Spurred on by my curious mind and love of a challenge, I continue to explore new worlds.


Loss adjuster

After graduating in Networks & Security, I started my career as a software test engineer in a publishing company for the nutrition industry. Then I supported the implementation of computerized electronically controlled braking systems in the automotive industry. Before returning to the IT world as an engineer, I participated in various innovative projects within a multinational company in the beverage sector.
In 2019, I joined the Belgian team of GM Consultant where I work in civil liability on IT and fraud issues.
As a lover of contemporary history, I like to spend my free time visiting museums and historical sites or reading non-fiction.

Private Investigator License Number 14.1885.07
Phone number: +32 470 11 26 97