Cyber-attack by ransomware compromises all data and backups


Upon arrival at its premises, the policyholder discovered that it no longer had access to its data. It had all been encrypted by ransomware. The company, which did not have a viable backup, found itself in a particularly difficult situation, threatening continuation of its business.


We intervened in this case at the request of the insurer in the framework of a contract providing specific coverage for cyber risks.

Alongside our appraisal investigation, our subsidiary INQUEST, specialising in risk prevention and management, provided assistance to the policyholder, including in the search for a decryption key on legal public platforms.

This consulting assignment made it possible to obtain the decryption key and recover the policyholder’s data.

The GM Consultant loss adjuster, specialising in IT, analysed screenshots showing the cyber-attack.

These analyses made it possible to identify the virus that compromised the policyholder’s information system and to issue hypotheses regarding the compromise vector.


GM Consultant also examined the various items of the policyholder’s claim. These operations enabled identification of both the compensable items and the costs incurred for improving the systems (particularly computer hardware and data security). The insurer was then able to provide compensation to the policyholder in accordance with the terms of the policy.