Microbiological contamination


Our policyholder manufactures a care product for children. The packaging is made by a different company.

An organoleptic non-compliance was found by someone who used the product for their children. Analyses carried out by the policyholder showed that the problem was microbiological contamination.

Given the intended users of the product and the underlying health risk, we launched appraisal investigations as soon as we were assigned the task, in order to identify the source of the contamination and the related risk.


A GM Consultant loss adjuster specialising in health analysed the policyholder’s manufacturing process, studied the product’s contamination pathways and assessed the risk in light of the bacterium identified.

In the end, the source of the contamination was identified and the extent of the loss was contained by isolating the affected batches. Once a recall was deemed necessary, our loss adjuster assisted the policyholder with the procedure.