The construction sector is one of those that is beset by frequent disputes, in particular owing to constantly evolving regulations (energy, environmental, and energy standards, etc.), as well as economic, political, climatic, or even demographic and social uncertainty.

The uptake of new construction techniques and innovative materials brings with it a new set of risks, sometimes linked to a lack of qualified staff.

Our loss adjusters process one thousand construction claims every year, for Public Liability (Product, Professional, Ten-Year CL, etc.) or Damages (Multi-risk, Fully Comp Site, Damages/Labour, etc.).

Claims categories :

  • Cracks, collapse of buildings
  • Incorrect use of construction materials
  • Premature ageing of materials
  • Fire, water damage, weather events
  • Ingress and leakage
  • Subsidence


From damage surveys to conflict resolution, the added value of our loss adjusters

  • Estimates for renovation work.
  • Consulting services for clients so that mistakes are not repeated.
  • Assiduity stemming from the GM Consultant corporate culture.
  • A multicultural approach to industry/construction that gives our loss adjusters solid contract application skills.
  • An open mind so that we can defuse situations and manage incidents that sometimes are more matters of conflict resolution.


The Construction risks team is made up of over ten loss adjusters with solid and varied track records in the construction and public works sectors: project management, technical structural inspections, architecture, the construction economy, listed buildings. It also boasts loss adjusters certified under the Regulatory Agreement on Insurance for Construction (CRAC).