GM Consultant Christmas tree Contest

End of the year at GM Consultant… A Christmas tree design Contest with 18 Christmas trees, a highly motivated team and a lot of creativity and skills…the teams excelled at the approach of Christmas.

The GM Consultant Team launches a challenge: designing a Christmas tree in the spirit of a country using the minimum of money and the maximum of skills. The result is amazing, all the internal talent DIY, green and funny was mobilized. A quick view of the most original Christmas tree.


Sapin-savoyard-ok - Copie

Christmas tree « Savoyard » fully recyclable from branches to ornaments by the team Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes


Christmas tree «France» with snowmen in recycled bottles by the team of Courbevoie


“Human” Christmas tree of Provence and its provinces by one of our South East team


“Elephant Christmas” from our Nantes team