Before a manufacturer sets up a promotional offer to accompany a product launch, an estimate of the costs that the operation will generate is made: face value reimbursement, fixed and variable management costs.

When the promotional offer is a victim of its own success, the launch of a food product, appliance, or other consumer product may go over its allotted budget.

Advertisers, management centres, and insurers must be able to count on loss adjusters whose financial skills enable them to accurately estimate budget overruns under the conditions guaranteed by the insurance policy.


Stéphanie DUMOULIN
Loss adjuster

After studying medical, pharmaceutical, and insurance law for six years, I joined GM Consultant in 2013. After starting as a desktop cost assessor for household electrical appliances, I became a loss adjuster for commercial general liability.
I handle cases in the fields of industry, services, hospitality, and bodily injury, which require attentive listening and tactful negotiation.
As with horseback riding, my passion, where it is necessary to prepare for obstacles strategically, I take a global view of each claim entrusted to me in order to define a precise action plan.