Our teams comprise specialists in the production and distribution of energy via heat/steam networks.

As such, they have in-depth technical knowledge of this field and its context, which enables them to resolve cases with confidence.

To meet the demands of policyholders and insurers, in accordance with their deadlines and efficiency requirements, we mobilise teams with complementary skills as and when necessary.


Bertrand BOIRON
Loss adjuster

After spending my childhood at my family's appraisal firm, I started an apprenticeship to become a senior technician in a mechanical repair shop before earning certification as an automotive loss adjuster.
I gained six years of experience through meaningful partnerships, then joined GM Consultant in 2013 to assess damages involving technical risks and to investigate the liability of professionals in the sectors of industry and transportation.
I take a sympathetic, pragmatic, objective approach to all of the cases that are entrusted to me.

Email : bertrand.boiron@gmconsultant.com
Phone : +33 (0)6 16 15 32 78

Loss adjuster

During my 27 years as an officer in the French Navy, I honed my ability to work in a team and learned technical skills about all the components of a warship, including nuclear reactors. A few years ago, when I got back to land, I put my knowledge of nuclear technology to use by working in engineering and engineering support.
I've been a loss adjuster at GM Consultant since 2013. I primarily handle claims in the field of energy production, but also get called in for all types of industrial activities, e.g., food, oil, automotive, etc.
I return to the sea, where I was taught rigor and feel most free, as often as I can.

Email : didier.giraud@gmconsultant.com
Phone : +33 (0)7 87 51 83 24

Loss adjuster

After earning an Arts and Métiers engineering degree, I spent several years managing workshops. Then I was a director at manufacturing and service companies for 12 years in France and internationally, where I gained solid skills in finance and sales. I’ve worked in a variety of industries, including automobiles, oil and gas, and aeronautics and metallurgy, acquiring excellent people skills and multi-technical experience. I joined GM Consultant in 2016 as an expert in industrial risks. I’m hooked on motorcycles and scuba diving and also appreciate the calm of reading and spending time with friends.

Email: eddy.rodriguez@gmconsultant.com

Laurent LLUCH
Loss adjuster

After spending nearly 20 years working on high-tech industrial construction projects, both in design and in execution, I have a broad knowledge of all related building trades.
My familiarity with this field, along with my specialisation in mechanics and electric components of industrial sites, is indispensable to handling public liability claims. I am also responsible for claims in the energy sector. My long-time passion for competitive spearfishing has helped me develop skills that are useful to managing my claims: persistence and stress management.

Email : laurent.lluch@gmconsultant.com
Phone : +33 (0)6 48 78 48 62

Matthieu GARDEY
Loss adjuster

After graduating with an engineering degree, I began my career performing damage surveys, as well as project management and management works in the fields of energy and transport for nearly 20 years.
Returning to damage surveys with GM Consultant in 2014, I take a pragmatic approach to handling public liability cases in the industrial, construction, and energy fields, particularly when the management of a project is called into question. I also appraise damages covered under Contractors' All Risks insurance policies.
As a long-time rower, I've learned to persevere both on the water and when handling my cases.

Email : matthieu.gardey@gmconsultant.com
Phone : +33 (0)6 45 87 87 54

Loss Adjuster - Energies

Multitasking and new skills acquisition guided my path.
I first worked in the construction of machines for the pharmaceutical industry, then in the construction of production unit for the oil and gas sectors so I developed solid industrial skills. I appreciate variety in my job, that allows me to work in different worlds and cultures. Energies loss adjuster at GM Consultant, I pursue my research of knowledge and open mindedness. Persevering at work, but also in professional activities, I love endurance sports as mountaineering and cycling.

Mail: eric.greiveldinger@gmconsultant.com
Phone: +33 (0)7 88 98 20 90

François BREUIL
Loss Adjuster

A geologist by training, I developed my knowledge of water treatment and industrial thermic engineering before discovering the field of loss adjusting. As the assistant managing director of a company specialising in industrial thermics and combustion, I was responsible for managing public liability and damage claims and the legal and contractual aspects of the company. I enjoy working on complex claims with high stakes. I joined GM Consultant in 2017 as a technical risk loss adjuster within the Industry and Consumer Goods division.
“Days shared between the known and the unknown” is a proverb that suits me perfectly.

Email: francois.breuil@gmconsultant.com
Phone: +33 6 63 99 67 00

Loss Adjuster

After several years working for a leading group in the field of construction materials, in 2013 I joined an engineering firm specialising in thermal design for buildings. From the study and design phase to the construction phase, I provided technical support to project owners in various thermal renovation and new low energy buildings projects. As a result, I specialise in construction economics and thermal design for high energy performance buildings. In 2018, I joined GM Consultant as a construction loss adjuster. As a naturally curious person, completing damage surveys for the different claims helps me to perfect my technical knowledge.

Email: bruno.larrieu@gmconsultant.com
Phone number: +33 6 74 14 76 22

Philippe MACE
Loss Adjuster

As a geotechnical and civil engineer by training, I have spent 17 years gaining solid experience in the world of construction. Working first as a research engineer before becoming a production and business manager of major metal construction projects, I have worked with the profession’s key players. Driven by a great technical curiosity and a strong desire for variety, independence and strategy, I joined GM Consultant in 2018. I work on civil liability and damage claims, predominantly those relating to Construction and Industry. A keen windsurfer and blues rock guitarist in my spare time, I love to combine preparation and improvisation.

Email: philippe.mace@gmconsultant.com
Phone Number: +33 6 88 54 80 18