Carole ROMEYER, a woman who loves a challenge

For the past 5 years, Carole Romeyer has been an assistant at the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) department and has been bringing much dynamism to GM Consultant. After an exemplary military education course completed by an electromechanical and aeronautical BTS, Carole explored the world beyond the seas. Her career path reinforced her self-awareness as well as that of others: “This experience within the military corps allowed me to enrich my personal qualities such as rigour and solidarity, but also to consolidate a certain professional conscience that today I can put at the service of my team by accompanying them every day,” she confides.

She is a talented woman who does not give up when facing any obstacles. As soon as she returns to civilian life she pursued several career opportunities. Finally, she faced the challenges of becoming a loss adjuster assistant. Three years later, Carole finally joined GM Consultant’s team showing confidence and kindness in this area. There she found a working environment corresponding to her personality, which combines agile methods and state-of-the-art technical skills. Carole has been a naturally selfless member of our firm of loss adjusters since 2014 while remaining available and listening to others. Like GM Consultant, Carole places the human being at the heart of her concerns by fostering mutual assistance, cooperation and teamwork.

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