Blockage of a roller bearing


A reseller supplies ball bearings to a large roller bearing manufacturer. They are part of a specific product used in wheels for agricultural machinery.

The ball bearings are made by a Chinese manufacturer that specialises in their production. The upstream supply chain comprised a steelmaker that produced metal bars and a ball bearing blank provider that carried out the rough machining of the balls.

After several complaints of abnormally rapid failures, the bearing manufacturer conducted analyses. These analyses revealed large areas of impurities in the material, creating weak points and explaining why the bearings broke.


GM Consultant had several roles in this case:

  • Providing technical advice to the policyholder, which made it possible to confirm that the presence of impurities observed in the material was due to a lack of control during the balls’ manufacturing process.
  • Providing assistance during the various stages of recourse against the Chinese supplier.
  • Providing support to the policyholder by helping manage litigation versus its client, until the settlement agreement was finalised.