Art and Media

We are witnessing the breakneck rise of social networks and a constant connection to the internet. In these times, the risks entailed by media exposure of a filming incident or cancelled concert are all the greater and exponentially detrimental.

Furthermore, the economic slowdown is means that the time is ripe for stealing precious objects. In the events and audiovisual sectors, new threats are putting insurance policies to the test. This resurgent criminality is also apparent in the theft of jewellery and works of art, using increasingly sophisticated methods and often accompanied by violence.

The loss adjusters at GM Consultant process 300 Arts and Media claims every year for Damages, Public Liability, or Risk Audits. This is where the loss adjusters at GM Consultant can help:

Claims categories

  • Production claims
  • Cancelled or postponed events
  • Weather day
  • Antenna down
  • Loss of sponsor
  • Theft or damage of jewellery, artwork, and collector pieces
  • Public liability for event producers and organisers

Our loss adjusters also support a number of charities organising, for example, village fêtes, and for whom cancellations can cast the future or the organisation into doubt.


From damage surveys to crisis management, the added value of our loss adjusters

  • Technical surveying of damage
  • Speedy response
  • Strong personal investment and knowledge of sector
  • Persuasiveness to manage incidents that are experienced as crises

Drawing on a network of “weather observers”, GM Consultant provides a meteorological monitoring service that covers all of mainland France.