Alex Rongiconi, Partner and Financial Director

Alex Rongiconi
Alex Rongiconi

“During my twenty years of experience managing several companies, I gained an in-depth understanding of the administrative, financial, legal, and human aspects of a business. In 2010, I signed on with GM Consultant as a loss adjuster for one year. During this time, I learned how the company operates. Now in charge of its financial affairs, I’m attentive to the needs of support services, and mindful of employees’ well-being. I’m highly responsive, and manage the company’s cash flows in order to provide optimised production tools. I am very attached to my native Corsica, and go back whenever I can to recharge my batteries”

What does it mean to you becoming an associate at GM Consultant?

This is a great achievement for the group and a sign of value for the employees. This development makes us want to go even further.


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