Collapse of a roundabout and its retaining walls


As part of its public transport development plan, an urban community in northern France launched a programme to extend the area’s tram lines.

During construction, while installing the tram lines, nearby businesses noticed that a roundabout and its 20-meter high reinforced earth retaining walls were collapsing.

Shortly after the tram lines were commissioned, the operator noted that the damage was getting worse, causing an increasing amount of disruption to the operation of the tram.



Based on the initial report drawn up by its technical expert, the operation’s Contractors’ All Risks insurer declared that the claim was not covered.

One of our loss adjusters specialising in Public Works stepped in during the third judicial expertise, after the first two assessments had been contested before the administrative court, to conduct a comprehensive analysis of all the documents involved in the proceedings and claims, in support of the Contractors’ All Risks insurer.