Over the last 15 years, the aviation industry has combined continuous operational growth (number of passengers, number of aircraft delivered, etc.) and a decreasing accident rate.

This decrease in the accident rate is thanks to the constant efforts made by airlines and aircraft manufacturers to increase security in an ever more stringent regulatory climate.

However, society’s expectations with regard to catastrophes remain extremely high.

As such, to meet these specific demands when faced with disaster, the insurer and the policyholder must be able to count on our expert loss assessors, who cover all the sectors of aviation operations (manufacturing, passenger transport, infrastructures and services).


Loss adjuster

My 20 years of experience managing technical teams (R&D, Special Materials and Processes, Design Office) in the fields of aeronautics, capital goods, and automotive, have provided me with extensive knowledge of mechanical design and manufacturing processes.
Court-appointed expert (Lyon Court of Appeal), R&D project evaluator (European Commission), Auditor at Nadcap (aircraft production control)... I have investigated the liability of industry professionals as a loss adjuster for GM Consultant since 2016.
As an athlete and gourmet, conviviality is a value that I apply to my personal and professional life.

Email : bernard.prigent@gmconsultant.com
Phone : +33 (0)6 22 79 40 59

Loss Adjuster

After 26 years in the aeronautical sector, I understand all facets of the job. With degrees in aeronautical maintenance, as well as private pilot and glider licences, I have a strong interest in on-board hydraulic systems. In 2018, I decided to join GM Consultant as an aeronautical loss adjuster. My ambition is to use my knowledge in the areas of online maintenance, mechanical design, manufacturing processes as well as quality monitoring in the production phase. As a passionate glider pilot and club member for two decades, I take my fighting spirit to each of my appointments.

Email: sebastien.theillard@gmconsultant.com
Phone number: +33 7 85 83 87 02