A wind of change blows over our Paris office

The Paris teams of GM Consultant settle in the new premises just a few steps away from their previous office, which becomes our analysis and test laboratory.

With 12 000 cases handled in 2016, GM Consultant opens a new office in Paris. Brighter, wider and located a few meters away from the current office, it welcomes the teams of Jean-Paul Marques (Associate Manager, Ile de France) and Olivier Richard (Associate Technical Director) that share the management of machinery breakdown and public liability mostly in the Industry, Lifting and Construction fields.





We are keeping our current office to make it an analysis and test laboratory. Its equipment is already being used during appraisals and it will support our loss adjusters during their investigations. You will find very soon complete information on our laboratory.

In the meantime, we are opening our new office on next 6th February and we won’t fail to share this event with you! Keep an eye on our LinkedIn account.