Property manager implicated


A fire broke out at a co-owned building. As the fire started in a private area, the tenant was held accountable by the building’s insurer.

However, it was discovered that the tenant was no longer insured and could not be located, but the manager had not notified the owner.

Therefore, the building’s insurer lodged an appeal against the manager, on the grounds that the manager did not make sure that the tenant had provided proof of insurance. In the end, the tenant was located and summoned to the damage survey meetings.


An insurer to cover the damage was named. The damage was calculated jointly with the help of a GM Consultant loss adjuster specialising in Construction. In addition, a second loss adjuster specialising in fire risks was involved from the very first meeting to determine the exact cause of the fire and maintain all avenues for recovery. This case illustrates how combined expertise and coordination among various loss adjusters can help in analysing:

  • the alleged fault: a study of the agent’s obligations by the loss adjuster for regulated professions
  • the alleged damage: comments from the construction loss adjuster on the cost of repair work
  • likely recourses: resulting from the findings of the fire loss adjuster