The GM Consultant Group creates a demonstration platform to inform its customers of the risk of phishing

Did you know that 1 out of every 400 e-mails sent is a phishing attack?

Rather than seeking to exploit the weaknesses of IT systems, cyber criminals are targeting users with malicious messages sent by e-mail, SMS or Facebook notices to achieve their goal. This is currently the most efficient and most used way of stealing personal data or defrauding a company after paralysing its IT system by means of ransomware**. Thus, the best protection method is to learn how to detect these booby-trapped messages efficiently.

In order to heighten companies’ awareness of this risk, Julien Ménissez, our Cyber Risk expert, has developed a demonstration platform and training programme intended not only for insurers and brokers but also for SMEs, which are regularly targeted by these phishing attacks. In particular, the platform makes it possible to simulate a false e-mail campaign in a company (in a real situation context) and assess the protection quotient according to the reaction of the employees targeted by these malicious, false messages.


Julien Ménissez
Cyber risk loss adjuster, GM Consultant Group

* Phishing (or “hameçonnage” in French) is a form of computer attack based on social engineering. Scammers make their victim believe that they are addressing a trusted third-party (bank, authority) in order to steal personal data: passwords, bank card numbers, connection identifiers, etc
** ransomware is malicious software that kidnaps personal data. To do this, the ransomware blocks personal data and then asks its owner to send money in exchange for the key to decipher it.